Notice of Privacy

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals we inform the following:

1.- Who are we?

Company Upick SA DE CV, forms the commercial concept known as Upick, with the turn of recommendation sports betting and notes that it is located at the address in Providencia Avenue # 2610, Colonia Providencia, CP 44630, in the municipality Guadalajara, Jalisco entity. Mexico. And it has assigned to KARINA MENDOZA ANTUNA as responsible for the processing of personal data (in this act, as well as past acts and / or future) role is to collect, manage, protect and store personal data of its customers, prospects, partners, suppliers and / or benefit from any promotion services and sports betting Upick recommendation.

2.- For what purposes we will use your personal data?

Upick, collect personal information from you and use them for the following purposes that are essential to provide the requested service sports betting recommendation:

a) Comercial purposes:

Receiving commercial online transactions such as payment of referral service sports betting, made to that effect economic positions in banking, credit card or credit or debit transfers, this derived from prior customer authorization, conduct market research in physical and online, lending to its customers on the basis of marketing, make payments for suppliers, employees, partners and beneficiaries of services, called for customer, deposits, payments services, location and verification of information customer, reminder and after-sales tracking, solicitation of orders, authorizations, delivery / receipt of services, order confirmation, warn of pending or coming due balance, care providers,order products and / or services providers, reporting on products shipped and provide tracking projects, quotes and budgets, apply for business and personal references.

Payments are made through the platform Openpay (OPENPAY SAPI DE CV RFC: OPE130906HN4) , which will use your collected data only for the above purposes. You acknowledge and agree that Openpay reserves the right to decline a transaction for any reason (including, among others, payments that are not accredited because your account or source of funds no longer exist or have no funds available / sufficient) and such cases, neither Openpay or Upick be liable to you or third parties with respect to the above.

b) Tax purposes:

Perform the corresponding tax revenues derived from the marketing of products and / or services to Upick with customers and / or suppliers, this in compliance with their tax obligations. Additionally, Upick, will use your personal information for the following purposes that are not necessary for the requested service, but they will allow and facilitate provide better care.

c) Marketing purposes:

Marketing activities and promotion in physical and / or online (Telemarketing and Mailing packages, discounts and / or new products or services) recommendations sports betting, called customer telephone service, clarifications, promote products and services, request data for reimbursements and contributions made, sending emails to provide information, prices, promotions and newsletters, publishing and posting on various social networks to contact and customer loyalty and / or Suppliers, emails to track quotes, authorizations, information work and clarification and verification of data. If you do not want your personal data to be processed for these additional purposes, you may enter it below: No consent that my personal data are used for the following purposes: marketing or advertising. Commercial Prospection. The refusal to use your personal data for these purposes can not be a reason to deny you services recommendation sports betting you apply for or contracts with Upick. To carry out the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, Upick, you will use your personally identifiable information, contact.

3.- Where I can consult the Notice of Privacy Integral?

To learn more about the terms and conditions which will be processed personal data, such as third parties with whom we share your personal information and how they can assert their rights ARCO, may make a request by sending an e-mail to:

4.- Promotiones

Upicktrade reserves the right to modify, cancel, claim or reject any promotion at its sole discretion. The general terms and conditions of Upicktrade are applicable to this promotion. To make a promotion valid, there must be at least 5 participants.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on: June 10, 2019

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