Affiliate Program

The Upick affiliate program gives you benefits so that you too can make a living from sports.

By entering the referral code at the time of registration, the person who shares the code will win a pool of $46 MXN and the person who enters (new client) will have a 10% discount on their Recommendations or Data membership. In case you pay a balance, 10% of what you deposit will be credited to you as a bonus balance.

Dynamic for balance payment: Example, when you enter $1,000.00 MXN, $100.00 MXN will be credited to your bonus balance.

The more people that use your code, the more you earn with Upick.

Does not apply with other promotions.


1. The affiliate code only applies to new users.

2. You can only use the affiliate code once.

3. The challenge will be available once your guest makes their first purchase.

4. In case of detecting an infraction or fraud, Upick reserves the right to cancel accounts and Challenges placed, as well as to take the legal measures it deems necessary.

5. Upick may request at the time it deems necessary, the documentation that validates the personal information of the owner of the account with us.

6. Using your own code when entering a Challenge does not count as points towards a Free Challenge.

7. Once a code has been assigned to a user, it cannot be modified.