"Guess the final score" and win with Upick



During each game of the regular season of Astros, Upick your official sponsor of the LIVE broadcasts invites you to participate in the dynamic "Guess the score" under the following terms and conditions.

Competition Rules

1.-During each game of the Astros regular season, the following dynamic will take place under the following terms and conditions:

2.-Participants must register BEFORE the start of the match, placing their forecast.

3.-Once the transmission has started, the registration to place your forecast in the Astros section will be closed and no participant will be able to enter and / or make their registration.

4.-There will only be ONE winner, so if two or more people win, the prize will be divided equally.

5.-The prize will be cumulative in each game, with the understanding that if no one wins in a game, the next game will be added $ 2,000 (two thousand) MXN deposited as an available balance in Upick, plus the accumulated obtained from that game.

6.-With the balance available in Upick you can buy pool memberships or withdraw cash.

Terms and Conditions

a) Only people who have posted their forecast before starting the game will be able to compete.

b) The winner or winners of the prize are deposited as available balance in Upick Trade and they must follow the following steps to collect their prize:

I.-Send your official identification through a photograph.

II.-Proof of address.

c) The winner will be announced through our official Facebook page.

*For more questions, contact us at info@upick.mx